Furnace and Heat Pump Repair Services

Dependable Furnace and Heat Pump Repair Services

While Arizona seems to be hot and sunny all-year-round, winter season in the area can still get quite chilly. And since most homes haven’t been using their heating systems for a good part of the year, it’s essential to have them checked by a reliable heating and cooling repair Phoenix company before the cold months kick in.

FH Air Furnace Repair Service

If your utility bills are getting higher and higher, but your heating system can’t keep you warm and comfortable on colder days, then maybe your furnace isn’t operating efficiently anymore. Heating systems wear out over time, and that’s why regular maintenance is necessary.

If, however, you’ve had your furnace for more almost 20 years now, it’stime to think about furnace replacement. Older furnaces are 10 to 15% less efficient than newer models, which means you’re losing money every time you turn them on. While a new heater isn’t easy on the pocket, you’ll get more than you paid for as you save money on energy bills each month.

FH Air Heat Pump Repair Service

Heat pumps are more energy efficient than most heating systems out there, plus they work both ways! After the winter season, you can operate them in reverse to extract the warm air and keep your home fresh and cool during the hotter days of the year.

However, just like furnaces, your AC’s heat pump needs regular check-up and maintenance too. If you notice a lack of heat or warmth from your heater, call an expert right away.

We’ll take care of your Phoenix heating repair needs!

Since 1974, FH Air Conditioning and Heating has been offering quality AC heat pump repair and AC furnace repairservices in Phoenix and neighboring areas. Our team of highly skilled technicians can work with any type and model of heat pumps and furnaces, and are committed to delivering long-term satisfaction to our clients.

We provide:

  • Licensed, professional heating repair technicians
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Clean, professional heating technicians
  • Quality heating workmanship at a fair price

Our service vehicles are stocked with furnace and heat pump repair parts, and our techs have the knowledge and experience to repair your heating system right the first time.

Schedule a repair online today, or contact us to learn more.

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