Why Is My Upstairs So Much Hotter Than My Downstairs?

Why Is My Upstairs So Much Hotter Than My Downstairs?

Home Zoning Phoenix

Many people would tell you it is because hot air rises. While true, that isn’t the main issue in this case. The issue here is home zoning. We aren’t talking about the whether or not you could run a business out of your home type of zoning, we’re talking about your HVAC system.

Home HVAC Zoning when it comes to your heating and cooling system gives you more control and customization over your space. It splits your home in to two or more zones and allows you to control the temperature of each zone separately. It is ideal for multi-level homes or homes that use certain rooms seasonally.

So why would you want HVAC Zoning in your Phoenix area home?

In older homes many issues like old windows, poor insulation, and aging duct work can make certain parts of your home colder or warmer than others. These are called hot and cold spots. Even if your home isn’t old, you can experience these problems. By purchasing a split heating and cooling system or adding dampers to split your current system, you can control how your home heats and cools itself.

Aside from increasing comfort, home HVAC zoning can save you money on your energy bills. More than increasing overall efficiency, the ability to turn off certain rooms while leaving others on means you can turn your living room air down while using your fireplace without affecting your bedrooms. It means you can shut off the system when your kids are off at college and your upstairs is empty. You save money by not heating or cooling things you don’t need and you have the power of personalization.

If you decide to choose comfort and savings over your single system unit, contact us today. Learn more about how you can take control of your home and increase your comfort today!