Don’t Waste Your Summer Adjusting Your Thermostat

Don’t Waste Your Summer Adjusting Your Thermostat

Summer is the time for pool parties, bonfires, festivals and…adjusting your thermostat? Step away from your system and take a look at what you can do instead.

1. Answer an email

2. Return your mother’s phone call

3. Watch a YouTube video (We recommend this one)

4. Eat a bag of skittles

5. Buy a popsicle

6. Eat a popsicle

7. Listen to your favorite song

8. Ask about someone’s day

9. Make a to-do list

10. Plan a trip to McDowell Mountain Regional Park

11. Change your air filters

12. Do a crossword puzzle

13. Purchase a ticket to Fountain Hill Youth Theater’s “Pinkalicious: The Musical”

14. Fly a kite

15. Play with chalk

16. Shop at the farmer’s market

17. Learn about the benefits of a programmable thermostat from FH Air

18. Plan your Fourth of July celebration

19. Plant a garden

20. Have a cookout

When you’re looking ahead to a summer filled with fun, don’t waste time adjusting your thermostat. Maximize your time and your energy savings with a programmable thermostat. Purchase your programmable thermostat today! Call FH Air today and ask about our latest offers (480) 648-0017 .