Prepare Your Arizona Home for Vacation

Prepare Your Arizona Home for Vacation

School’s out for summer, and the vacation plans are approaching fast. Is your home ready for your departure?  Use this checklist as a guide to prepare your home for your time away.

1. Stop your newspaper and mail or ask a friend to pick them up for you.

2. Clean out the fridge.

3. Spray for bugs so they’ll stay away while you’re gone.

4. Adjust your thermostat to a neutral temperature so you won’t waste energy while you’re away.

5. Set your water heater to vacation mode.

6. Ensure your smoke detectors have fresh batteries.

7. Take out the trash.

8. Park your car in the garage to prevent damage.

9. Move your spare keys inside.

10. Trim your trees and bushes.

11. Remove any standing water from your yard (kiddie pools, bird baths, etc.) to prevent mosquito issues.

12. No one wants to come back to dirty laundry—wash your clothes and put them away. Your future self will thank you.

13. Open the doors to your water, dryer, and dishwasher to prevent unsavory smells from developing while you’re away.

14. Give your houseplants to a friend to watch over or have a neighbor water them while you’re away.

15.  Get a tune-up so your A/C is at its best.

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