How to Prepare Your Arizona Home for the Grueling Dry Summer

How to Prepare Your Arizona Home for the Grueling Dry Summer

woman fanning herselfThe summer in Arizona will be here before you know it. So what are you doing to prepare your air conditioner or heat pump for the heavy workload?

Sure, you could just wait and turn on your AC the day you need it and hope it works.

But what happens if your system dies on the hottest day of the season?

No one wants that.

So, use this checklist of ways to prepare your cooling system to save energy and reduce the chance of breakdowns before the sizzling summer comes a-knockin’.

Get a tune-up for your cooling system

In order to save money and reduce breakdowns, it pays to have a professional come and tune-up your system. The air conditioning company should check your refrigerant level, and make sure electrical and mechanical parts are all working properly and safely.

Check your home’s attic insulation

“But I already have insulation!”

Yes, most of us do. But you might not have enough. In fact, most homes aren’t built with enough insulation in the attic.

You can determine if you have enough at a quick glance.

Do this: Look across the span of your attic. If your insulation is just level with or below your floor joists, you could probably benefit by adding more.

If you need to add more, check out this article by ENERGY STAR about adding attic insulation, which details how much insulation and what kind of insulation to add.

Change dirty air filters

Ever had a pillow shoved over your face? Hard to breathe, isn’t it? Dirty air filters do the same thing to your HVAC system by restricting airflow. This makes your air conditioner work harder to cool your home, increasing your energy bill as a result.

Check your filter today and then at least once a month after that. Replace it when it’s visibly dirty.

Check the cooling system’s drain line

When warm air from your home comes in contact with your air conditioner’s evaporator coil it creates condensation. That water has to go somewhere.

That’s why your system is equipped with a condensate pan that collects the water and drains it out through a small pvc pipe into a drain system.

But if that drain line clogs, it causes a mess that can lead to mold, mildew or fungus growth.

You’ll know it’s clogged when you turn on your cooling system and you don’t see any water coming out of the outside drain pipe. In which case, you should call a professional HVAC contractor to come fix it.

Bonus comfort: Get a whole-home humidifier

Although this isn’t related directly to your air conditioner, it is related to your comfort.

Living in the Arizona desert comes with dealing with dry air, which can cause uncomfortably dry skin, bloody noses, headaches, dry or itchy skin and sore throats.

That’s why we suggest installing a whole home-humidifier. It increases and regulates the amount of moisture in the air throughout your entire home, ridding yourself of the above problems and increasing your comfort.

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