Five Cool Arizona Adventures

Five Cool Arizona Adventures

A family watching fish in an aquarium

Did you know August is American Adventures Month?! What adventures await you this month?

Arizona seems to get hotter each summer! Staying cool and comfortable seems impossible with triple-digit temperatures, but FH Air Conditioning has five recommendations on places in Arizona to adventure while staying cool.

  1. Head over to Chase Field and watch an Arizona Diamondbacks game – A great way to adventure in Arizona while staying cool. Chase Field is completely air-conditioned and is perfect for a family night out, date night or something to do with friends! On special nights, the roof will open for fireworks! Get your tickets here! 
  2. Stop by the largest aquarium in all of the Southwest – Phoenix hosts the giant OdySea Aquarium. There are over 50 exhibits in the 200,000 square foot facility. From the shark tank in the bathrooms to an interactive scuba experience, OdySea is a hit with all age groups, and a perfect way to adventure while escaping the Arizona heat. 
  3. Visit the Phoenix Zoo – Although not air-conditioned, the Phoenix Zoo has special summer hours for you to beat the heat. If you get to the zoo at 7:00 a.m. vs. 9:00 a.m., the temperatures are much cooler, and you’ll likely have the zoo to yourself. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Everyone will surely enjoy the zoo! 
  4. Cool off by the pool – When the outdoors feel like an indoor sauna, sometimes the only way you can cool off is by swimming at a local pool. Nothing says summer like a pool day. Make sure to load up on high SPF sunscreen and stay hydrated!
  5. Kayak down the Salt River – Explore Arizona by kayaking down the Salt River. You can either check out a guided tour or go by yourself! From the river, you’ll spot stunning wildlife and views. Plus, when you get too hot you can splash around in the river.

Remember the best way to stay cool during Arizona summers is to make sure you have an efficient heating and cooling system, so when you come back from wherever your newest outdoor adventure takes you, you’ll come home to the nice chill of air conditioning. 

You take care of the adventuring and let FH Air Conditioning take care of the rest. Give us a call at  (480) 648-0017  so we can take care of your HVAC system needs.