How To Virtually Eliminate Your Cooling Costs This Fall

How To Virtually Eliminate Your Cooling Costs This Fall

Fall LeavesThe temperatures in Fountain Hills and the rest of the East Valley have finally dropped to highs consistently below 90° F.

These lower temperatures should mean your air conditioner is already running much less, but by using the following tips, you can lower your air conditioning costs even more to the point of virtually eliminating them.

Open your windows

The evenings have dipped into the 50’s already this fall in Fountain Hills and they are likely to get even cooler soon. Take advantage of these cool nights by opening your windows and letting the outside air in to cool your home.

Bonus: By opening your windows and ventilating your home, you will also be improving your indoor air quality.

Close your windows (and window coverings)

This may seem to directly contradict the tip above, but we assure you, it will help almost completely eliminate your cooling costs this fall.

During the day, temperatures are still climbing to mid and high 80’s – closing your windows and window coverings during the day will keep your home cool longer and prolong the amount of time before you will need to turn on your air conditioner.

Make the most of your fans

You can use fans to reduce your air conditioning costs. Moving air feels cooler to our bodies so by using ceiling fans and oscillating fans, you can set your thermostat higher and enjoy the same level of comfort.

Program your thermostat

During the Fall in the Fountain Hills area, it is only hot enough to require an air conditioner in the middle of the day. But if you are away from your home during that time, you don’t need to pay to cool your home – schedule your programmable thermostat to raise the temperature while you are gone.

Not only will programming your thermostat help you virtually eliminate your cooling costs this fall, it will also help you save on your energy use all year long.

Adjust as weather permits

Just as you can save water by turning off your lawn and yard irrigation systems when it rains, you can save on your air conditioning costs by paying attention to the weather forecast.

When the temperatures drop, keep your windows open for more time throughout the day. When they go up, close the windows and window coverings to keep the heat outside.

Enjoy the cool Fall weather already present throughout Fountain Hills and the surrounding East Valley and virtually eliminate your cooling costs by following these simple tips.

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