Reasons Why Your Electric Bill Is High

Electricity rates seem to be getting higher with each passing day, but when you’re receiving an abnormally high bill month after month, there must be a problem somewhere.

United States to Halt Freon Production in 2020

For the last several decades, Freon has been the most popular chemical used as a refrigerant in residential AC units and heat pumps. That’s about to change with the looming ban on its production next year.

New Homeowner?

You just bought a new home…CONGRATS! It’s an extremely exciting time, but boy, it’s one of the biggest financial adventures you’ll undertake whether it’s your first or fifth house.

Five Cool Arizona Adventures

Did you know August is American Adventures Month?! What adventures await you this month?

Prepare Your Arizona Home for Vacation

School's out for summer, and the vacation plans are approaching fast. Is your home ready for your departure?

Why Is My A/C Always Running?

We get it: no one wants to be hot and sticky during The Valley's summer scorcher. But you don't have to pay exorbitant utility bills to keep cool. If you hear your air conditioning unit running at all hours, don't chant, "Run, Forest, run!" Take a look at the common problems below instead.

10 Tips to Beat the Heat

Rumors of 130 degree days may be the stuff of myths, but the end of June is known to bring extreme heat to residents in the Valley. Don't let the skyrocketing temperatures be the downfall of your summer fun. Follow these ten tips to handle the heat.

Don’t Waste Your Summer Adjusting Your Thermostat

Summer is the time for pool parties, bonfires, festivals and...adjusting your thermostat? Step away from your system and take a look at what you can do instead.

The Many Meanings of SEER

What is SEER, and why should you care? Let's break down the possibilities.

Don’t Be Fooled By These Air Conditioning Rumors

Now that you're setting up your air conditioning system for the spring and summer months, it's time to put the rumors to rest. FH Air Conditioning is putting an end to all of the cost-increasing, system-damaging, face-palming nonsense.