Can a Ceiling Fan Help my Arizona Home Be Cooler?

Can a Ceiling Fan Help my Arizona Home Be Cooler?

Ceiling Fan

If your home has a ceiling fan you have an extra tool to help keep your family comfortable through the blazing hot Arizona summers.

According to a ceiling fan is one of the cheapest ways to cool your home—one ceiling fan runs 30 watts and cost one cent per hour. (Compared to a central air conditioning system to runs about three kilowatts and can cost 36 cents per hour. Using a fan in combination with a central air conditioner can actually save you money.

How Does a Ceiling Fan Work?

Ceiling fans have been in use since the 1880s in commercial use, and then in the early 1900s for residential use. Ceiling fans circulate the air from the ceiling, pushing the air down and around the room. While the air circulation doesn’t necessarily lower the temperature in a room, it does make a difference in how you feel the air. It works like a winter wind chill in that it can exploit the air temperature across your skin. As the air moves across your skin, it disperses your body heat, evaporating perspiration, thus making you feel cooler.

For hotter weather, your ceiling fan needs to be rotating counter-clockwise to direct the air straight down onto the occupants in the room. While thermometer in that room could read 86 degrees, it might feel like it’s five degrees cooler to you because of the fan’s chill factor.

When used in combination with your air conditioning system to bring maximum home cooling comfort to your home. Adding a ceiling fan can allow you to actually turn up the thermostat, saving you energy and money.

If you look at the cents per hour for using a ceiling fan versus a central air conditioning unit, you can actually save 17 cents per hour in air conditioning costs. That’s because you can bump your thermostat up four degrees.

Continue saving energy and money by making sure your ceiling fan is only on when the room is occupied. Remember that because of the air chill factor, a ceiling fan won’t cool the room, but just make it feel cool to you and your pets. So if no one is occupying the room, turn off the ceiling fan to save more money.

Talk with the experts at Fountain Hills Air Conditioning to see how they can help you reduce your utilities and cost this summer, while staying cool and comfortable.