10 Tips to Beat the Heat

10 Tips to Beat the Heat

Have you lived through your first Arizona summer?  Maybe you moved from a frigid, but affordable Minneapolis apartment this past year. Rumors of 130 degree days may be the stuff of myths, but the end of June is known to bring extreme heat to residents in the Valley. Don’t let the skyrocketing temperatures be the downfall of your summer fun. Follow these ten tips to handle the heat:

1. Drink Up

It’s commonly recommended that adults drink at least eight, eight ounces glasses of water a day to maintain proper hydration. If that number seems staggering, try setting a glass on your bedside table for you to drink as soon as you wake up. That’s one glass down before your day’s even started.

If plain water lacks a certain appeal, Pinterest is full of delicious recipes to try out. Mint leaves, blueberries, lemon slices, and orange slices are fan favorites.

2. Avoid Fatty Foods

You may feel especially sluggish if you chow down on fattier foods when it’s hot outside. If you eat lighter meals, like salads, your energy levels won’t take a hit. Fruits and vegetables make a big impact on your summer health because their water content is a small step towards keeping you hydrated.

3. Keep Your Clothes Light

Darker fabrics absorb more light and, therefore, give off more heat. White clothes, on the other hand, reflect the wavelengths instead of absorbing them. So, they absorb little to no energy and don’t give off heat. If you’re trying to keep cool, stick to lighter fabrics.

4. Take a Little Siesta

Temperatures reach their peak midday. Limit your time outdoors and stick to shaded areas if you have to go outside. Stay indoors whenever possible. You don’t have to take a nap at that time, but this is a pretty good excuse.

5. Turn on Your Ceiling Fans

While ceiling fans don’t actually cool the room, they do make the room feel colder.

6. Think About Upgrading Your Air Conditioner

The blistering heat of a Phoenix summer, you want to keep your home cool and comfortable. And when something goes wrong, you want air conditioning service that you can trust. That’s where we come in. Since 1974, we’ve been helping Phoenix area families stay cool. So, we have the knowledge and experience to diagnose, tune-up, and repair your air conditioning system, and we can do it today.

7. Go for a Dip

The heat can’t keep you inside the house forever. When you need a break from air-conditioned bliss, head out to one of the many public pools in the Valley. If you need help finding one, take a look at this map.

8. Save Outdoor Tasks for Early Morning

The coolest part of the day is early morning (some reporting as early as 4 AM). Do your yard work in the morning rather than the afternoon to avoid burn out and dehydration.

9. Keep Valuables Out of Your Car

A 2018 study revealed that car seats can reach 123 degrees when the car was in the sun for an hour. The dashboard reached up to 157 degrees, and the steering wheel reached 127 degrees. Temperatures this high can burn human skin, and they can harm valuables kept in your car.

Any medications may become less effective, aerosols (like hair spray) may explode, cosmetics will melt, and your electronics could cease to function. If all of these items can’t take the heat, we don’t recommend keeping your children and pets in the car (if it’s a quick dash into the grocery store).

10. Block It Out

Never underestimate the power of a good set of window blinds, shades, drapes, or curtains.  The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that closing your drapes during the day can reduce the heat entering your home by up to forty-five percent.

If the heat gets too hot to handle, give FHills Air a call (480) 648-0017 . Serving the Valley since 1974, we’re experts in beating the heat!