Don’t Be Fooled By These Air Conditioning Rumors

Don’t Be Fooled By These Air Conditioning Rumors

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Nobody likes a rumor mill. They’re pesky and hurtful, and Fountain Hills is ready to take a stand. We won’t sit idly by as air conditioning rumors continue to spread. Now’s our time. We’re putting an end to all of the cost-increasing, system-damaging, face-palming nonsense.

Now that you’re setting up your air conditioning system for the spring and summer months, it’s time to put the rumors to rest. Here’s the truth about your system:

1. Ceiling fans don’t cool the room.

It’s a common misconception because they do make the people in the room feel cooler. However, ceiling fans don’t affect the temperature of your room.  If you want to know the science behind it, there’s a brief overview here.

2. Air conditioning systems do more than cool the air.

There’s a reason why air conditioners are called air conditioners. The system in your home condition the air in addition to cooling you down by removing excess humidity in your home.

For all of the latest and greatest models, give us a call (480) 648-0017 . One of our experts will be happy to go over your options.

3. Bigger systems don’t cool your home down faster.

We know! Shock, awe, amazement. Bigger isn’t better when it comes to your air conditioning systems. If you have a system larger than what your home needs, it can actually cost you more money.

The most cost-effective systems are those that are designed for your home’s square footage. That’s why FH Air Conditioning works with you to evaluate your home and determine the air conditioning system that fits both your needs and your budget

4. You should get a tune-up even when everything feels fine.

Tune-ups are to your system are like medical or dental checkups for you. Even if everything looks and feels like it’s working exactly as it should, it’s still a good idea to get it checked out by an expert. Not only can tune-ups help you maintain your system, but they’re a great way to spot small warning signs before they become big issues.

And if you act now, tune-ups are cheaper than ever with FH Air Conditioning’s Super Tune-Up Special. You’ll receive:

  • 1 Pound of Freon
  • Complete Leak Detection
  • Replace One (1) Electrical Component
  • Chemical Coil Cleaning
  • Comfort Club Membership for One (1) Year (includes two complimentary Safety Inspections, Emergency 24-Hour Service, Free Trip Charges, discounts on Repairs, Labor and Materials).

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