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Not All Heat Pumps Are The Same

For one thing, a heat pump is not a furnace: a furnace uses energy to create heat, but a heat pump uses (much less) energy to move heat. And the name “heat pump” is slightly misleading; it is both a heating and cooling system.

Each veteran has a story

We set aside November 11 each year to honor those who have served in the military, both in times of war and times of peace. It’s good to remember them all – from every branch of service, but it’s also good to remember that each one has a story.

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The Truth About Detecting Leaks

Ozone depletion and global warming seem to be two unstoppable buzzwords in the mainstream media today. They are also reasons why your HVAC company should be really adept at detecting leaks in the coils of your air conditioning system. Saving the world is a noble reason to diagnose a leak but even the most seemingly insignificant leak costs you money. Unlike the atmosphere or global warming, money in your bank account is something you can actually see.